I Like To Move It, Move It

We like to move it!

But not in NYC. 😉

Welcome to the new version of the blog devoted to Durnakans, my Science-Fantasy saga project.

The paint is still fresh, there are still many things to do (like get to bring it up again the comments have all vanished when they should be visible – “). But at least the blog is working, what was less the case with two versions of “alpha” above. That is why it is only a version called “beta”.

Among the innovations introduced by this new blog, you will find:
_ A new WordPress theme that will manage sub-pages (once I’d created ^ ^ ‘);
_ The opportunity to subscribe to the blog;
_ A multilingual version for my poor French-only speakers friends 😉 (the posts will be more relieved);
_ The pub (to pay for hosting the site).

And among the things to fix, I still have to:
_ See in my database what is wrong with the old comments;
_ Redefine correctly the category system;
_ Write all pages and sub-pages you will learn much more about the project and transform this simple blog into a real nice wite to go! 😀

Feel free to say your impressions in comments: everything is good to improve this place. 😉

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