The National Novel Writing Month 2010 For Dummies

(Errors in the translation? Don’t hesitate to point them out to me!)

I decided to participate. Yes, you read those four words in the title and you’re telling me: What is it?

If this helps, we say more “NaNoWriMo”. Not helping? Oh.

NaNoWriMo is a challenge involving thousands of writers around the world each year. What is it? It is writing a novel of 50,000 words (yes, words, not signs) or 50,000 words in a novel (or at least trying) during the month of November. And without worrying about style and other embellishments that normally block you when you’re faced with a blank page.

Yes, 50,000 words is really huge and it pushes you to make some sacrifices in your free time. However, don’t let stress getting the best of you for having to reach this number : the goal of NaNo is also ( and especially?)  to have fun! 😀

Thus, each participant has a personal page where he can not only talk about the novel chosen for NaNo, but in addition to managing his “buddies” from the 4 corners of the world (In my case,  from France, Belgium , USA, etc. that I already knew through forums) he can also display the progress of the challenges of everyone. There is also a forum area to discuss of tips and tricks in a friendly atmosphere. Because to succeed in Nano, emulation between the participants is strongly recommended, if not required!

If I registered, it’s to give me a big kick to the buttocks in the writing of Convergences. Because since the end of the first chapter, it hasn’t progressed in weeks. To see my NaNo profile, it is here.

The next post will talk about the snowflake method, I intend to use to prepare for NaNo and not being totally blocked. 😉

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