[DONE] Help needed for an university project

[Done! Thank you everyone!]

Hello everyone!  :D (Big Grin)

I reappear temporarily to share two surveys about a project that may interest you… Alright, I confess: it is mostly a call for help.

These surveys are the last part of a market research for a business plan competition at my University. They have to be sent at most before Tuesday, February 24, 2016 at 14:00 UTC (arrangements can be made if you find it really too short). My market research should be done on February 25, and as there are very few answers, we really are in a tight spot. Oops!

To keep it short, the surveys are about a web gallery project where artists/authors could post and/or sell  images, texts and comics. In the long run, it may even become a full-time job, who knows? The project is currently part of a business plan contest at the University of Orléans in which I am participating. Having got only few answers for now, I am here to call all people of goodwill. ^^

One of the surveys is for professional and hobbyist artists and authors. The second is for patrons… which are basically everyone (questions are just more centered on sharing and purchasing).

You can also find the very young Facebook page of the project >here< if you’re curious about what happens next.

Don’t hesitate to share these links to any person that may be interested or to ask me questions for details in the comments. The more answers we get, the better the quality of the results.

Thanks in advance. :) (Smile)

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