A promise is due, I’m talking you about the snowflake method by Randy Ingermanson. This is a very effective method of writing developed for those who are organized or who would like to be. It is easy to learn and a lot less likely to frustrate the writer than the other “miracle […]

Convergences: Snowflake method, step 1

I am not a native English speaker/writer. Don’t hesitate to report any mistakes! 😉 As I promised on Blackwatch’s, blog I write for August 15 an article on Youg-Adult fictions (YA for short). Why? Because The Book Smugglers’ site invites everyone to write an article on it to close a series of articles […]

About the Youg Adult fictions in France

After months of struggle, I finally tamed the new prologue Eriellonan (Vol 1 of Dark Furs) just before the beginning of the tests which finally allowed me to go over the 25,000 signs! ...

Finding a appartement in LA

… We like to move it! But not in NYC. 😉 Welcome to the new version of the blog devoted to Durnakans, my Science-Fantasy saga project. The paint is still fresh, there are still many things to do (like get to bring it up again the comments have all vanished […]

I Like To Move It, Move It

Warning: original version in French, May 30th, 2010 After several weeks with the old banner, here’s a new one. I think it is better, even if it was not hard to do better. ^^ ” The new banner combines the old and an arranged  drawing obtained by a commission of the great […]

Banner 2.5