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An ancient legend tells the story that on Earth, millions of years ago, a powerful civilization accidentally freed a dark entity. It was a Parasite, feeding on the worst instincts of people, known as “The Wound” just before they disappeared. Alas, the evil had much time to spread in different worlds before anyone could destroy it.

Trying to face The Wound, The Durnakans Guild, the Holders of Gem, arose. Its members each had an extraordinary power given to them by the Clockmaker himself. They still exist today, operating in the shadows for a better world. And they are busier than ever…

Three Ways to Tell Stories


Things go seriously wrong : two worlds are again threatened by The Wound. On Earth, more and more affected by the sea level rising, it began to plot more than ever and threatens human civilisation; while on Endertyl, a medieval world populated by animal-like humanoids, a possessed emperor gathers a huge army to extend its grip across a whole continent.

Desperately trying to thwart the plans of their enemy, the Durnakans engage in intensive research work and various expeditions. On Earth, a group of young guild members discovers that the solution to their problem is on Endertyl. Meanwhile on Endertyl, a different group discovered with amazement that their saviors will come from the First World — a world that was said to be only a myth!

However, the location of Endertyl has been forgotten long ago, and The Wound has no intentions to let it go …

Graphic novel

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This story takes place during the seven years preceding the novel.

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