Finding a appartement in LA

Warning: original version in French, May 19th, 2010

After months of struggle, I finally tamed the new prologue Eriellonan (Vol 1 of Dark Furs) just before the beginning of the tests which finally allowed me to go over the 25,000 signs! Admittedly, this is a first draft, errors and clichés too big already skipped me in the eyes but as the story will not be affected itself, rewriting can wait. After all, this is only the first version, and I prefer to argue that stuck on the same piece of text for six months before abandoning the novel to the bottom of a folder on my USB stick.

I am also documented a bit before I start rewriting the first chapter, whose first version dates back almost a year. My fishing expedition is not very extensive because my university exams are completed since Monday night, but I already found a couple of things interesting. For example, did you know that the starting salary for an FBI agent is about $ 50,000, and it must then determine how it may change depending on seniority and promotions, which ultimately give credible sites that will justify her place of residence, her choices of clothing, food, health, or recreation? Right now my look is particularly focused on land prices and choice differences between districts in relation to FBI headquarters, just to squeeze one of my three main characters.

It is therefore a long process, and I feel less and less ready to hunt me down in a header rewrite. This technique has been an embarrassing failure for Durnakans, vol. 1. I think so develop a synopsis and concrete forms of my characters before moving the nose to the grindstone, even if I don’t serve it completely.

Besides all that, I have to finish a small preview of a fanart for the Housepets!’ birthday, evacuate my frustration for not beta-reading for months on La Mare Aux Nénuphars (“The Pond With Water Lilies”) and heal a sore throat (angina is very disabling). –”

Finally, thank you to Cassandra and Kikart to boost me the morale on my previous post, two members of the Allsoluces website which bore the first two thirds of my poor first draft of Durnakans 1 (poors… ^^”).

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