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J. N. Squire is an author, translator and regular Wikipedia contributor.

kory bing exchanges
By Kory Bing. 2013. Comic book (graphic novel) in English. Very good read. [160 p.] Read more: review of book 1, Skin deep : Orientations. Summary: “In the warehouse district of a bustling city, through crumbling doors and down a dark hallway, lies the Liverpool Avalon: a centuries-old refuge where shapeshifters rub shoulders with mythic monsters and […]

Skin deep : Exchanges

By Kory Bing. 2013. Comic book (part of a graphic novel). A very good read going far beyond the cliché’d summary. Summary: “Imagine myths are real. Imagine finding out that you’re one of them. Michelle expected college to be challenging, but nothing could have prepared her for the revelation that her new friends […]

Skin deep : Orientations

What are the odds to get in my mailbox two packages of printed book versions of US webcomics funded with Kickstarter? Pretty low. And yet it happened! The first one contained the two first books of Skin Deep. And I found the second book of reMIND in the second! Expect […]

Kickstarter Comic Books

Who said there is nothing to do during vacation? Various ranks, meeting friends, eating (a lot), preparing terminal exams, writing, *cough*  video gaming *cough*… I rather think I’m pretty busy! So, Christmas is maybe gone faster than I though, but nothing will stop me to wish you a Merry Christmas!   So, Merry […]

Merry (late) Christmas!

Rayon BD. Virgin Megastore.
In December 2010, when I did some shopping in Paris, I had the idea to gauge the place American comics have in France by visiting a now closed (2015) department store, namely the Virgin Megastore ¹ at the Champs-Élysées ¹. I also wanted to visit the FNAC’s one, but not only did I not have enough […]

American comics in France – preview